In short, I am a storyteller.

My job is to create stories that bring authenticity and personality to your brand in a way that is enjoyable to consumers. These days, there are a plethora of ways for you to reach your consumers: Twitter chats, giveaways, Snapchat, and more- but if your brand were a book, would we be connected to you all the way to the end? My job is to help you bring your story to life visually by creating strategies that work best for your platform. Whether it be a 30 second Instagram video, an extended visual for Youtube, or partnering to pitch a commercial to even bigger brands, you've got the right girl- and she has the right vision. 

My Creative Style

My Vision For You

The Visual Process


In the beginning, we will get to know each other and our visions first. It is incredibly crucial to me to understand why you started your business and who you desire to serve in offering your product or service. Your story matters, and so do you. 

Then, after our initial conversation, I develop a mood and storyboard for you to walk you through the story that I will create with my understanding of who you are and what you want. The mood board is to explore the "who are you?" and the story board will ensure that we tell the world the story of you as accurately as possible. This part of the process includes a lot of imagination and creativity from you and I, so it is important that you take time to enjoy what you're going to be bringing to life! 

Now, we have created. And explored. And discussed. Time for us to hammer out the final details and make sure that we are on the same page, before I start fine tuning the details. Is this your brand, personified? Any tweaks? Last minute changes? This is where we begin to see the finish line.

And, in the end, I will have your story in my hands. Time for me to mold it. Shape your ideas from the form that we laid out together and make it flourish. Are you ready for that?

I am.

Let's get started already. 


No two visions are alike. I aim to have my prices reflect that thought. If you are interested in working with me and have further questions about pricing or process, please inquire by emailing I look forward to hearing from you.